a city made by people (new magazine)

Last week I went to Amsterdam on a city trip with my girlfriend. Last time I was in Amsterdam it was for a one-day trip and the only thing I remember is that we went to Madame Tusauds.

Shame on me.

That was some years ago. I was young and dumb. Now I have learned to discover a city as it should be.

Despite the weather Amsterdam was amazing. It reminded my of New York and if you know that New York was founded by the Dutch that is not so surprising.

In a local bookshop I discovered a magazine that immediately draw my attention:


The owner of the bookshop told me this was a new magazine that was printed for the first time. The founders were Dutch and they had a Q&A last week at the bookshop.

The publication was named ‘a city made by people’. I glanced curiously through the magazine and bought it immediatly.

The magazine is published by Citinerary.

On their website you can read:

Citinerary is an international network of passionate citizens who share stories and meet visitors. An exchange of culture & lifestyle.

They started as an online magazine and organizing local events. Then they decided to launch their first print journal which they intend to produce twice a year.

The only problem?

They needed money.

Through crowdfunding they reached their goal and their first printed magazine was born.

When you read the magazine you read about local heroes, neighbourhood portraits, special events or upcoming trends in cities. The first issue covered stories from Amsterdam, Minneapolis, Bucharest, Madrid and Rotterdam.

And I liked it a lot. Much more than Madame Tusauds.

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