When Bristol beats Amsterdam

Let me start with a question. Would you ever consider to go on a city trip to Bristol instead of Amsterdam? Think about it and let me know at the end of this blogpost.

While I was on a citytrip in Amsterdam I visited the Modern Contemporary (Moco) Museum. There were exhibitions of Banksy and Warhol.

I don’t know much about art but I know I love their work so I went.

You probably know Banksy, he is the world’s best known street artist. Still he remains anonymous. And that is considered as a superpower as he points out:


The fact that street art of Banksy hangs out in a musuem is contradictory. An art work raises in value when it is in a museum but with street art it is the opposite. Take away the street and you take away the context.

This an opinion I read on the online website De Correspondent. I agree. But still I went. Because this was maybe the closest I ever would get to his work.

Banksy would not like to hear it but he is city marketing at his best. On the walls where he excels people go like bees fly to honey. He attracts people to a street and surprises them.

Now, that is great city marketing. Once he went to New York:

When you watch the video you will notice that everything around Banksy is a paradox. He is a rebel who is loved by the mainstream public. The people he criticizes are his fans.

Just Google Banksy and start to scroll down his work, you will be touched.

Maybe you will feel like you want to go a city where you can go on a Banksy Walking Tour. A city that has Banksy art in the streets and not in musea. A city like Bristol where Banksy grew up and made his first works.

So no matter how beautifull Amsterdam was, they will never beat Bristol when it comes down to the best street artist in the world.

Bristol 1, Amsterdam 0.

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