Pics I have picked #3 (Lille)

It’s a bit a bizarre photo, isn’t it?


It’s a photo I stumbled upon on a blog about Lille. A city in the north of France, not far away from where I live. If you read the blogpost you will read that this photo was taken during La Grande Braderie De Lille, annually held every first weekend of September:

Yes La Grande Braderie De Lille is the biggest and the most awaited event each year. La Grande Braderie means a big flea market in french and it is one of the most charming and fun filled occassion that we have attended so far in Lille. It is known all over Europe and people from every corner in the world visit Lille in order to participate this event. It is also said to be the biggest flea market of Europe. So you can imagine that it is something huge to experience.


In fact each year a competition takes place between the different restaurants to show which restaurant served the most amount of mussels. In order to exhibit that they dispose all the empty mussel shells in front of their restaurant building like a huge heap. This is definitely a sight to see.

Only this year there won’t be a ‘mussels competition’. La Grande Braderie de Lille is cancelled because they fear terror attacks. Everyone in Lille is devestated about it. But the authorities claim that they rather talk to people who lost money than people who lost a beloved one…

So, this isn’t a photo that makes you happy. More a photo that makes you think…

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