Håndbagage, city remedy for burn-out

Håndbagage is a blog from Sam De Bruyn, a Belgian radio and tv host. I love the concept. It is clean and simple:

At the end of last year I made myself a promise: I will travel every moment that I don’t have to work. I also promised my friends that I would spend more time with them. 1 + 1 = 2. That means I’m discovering a whole lot of cities this year, together with my friends. They choose the destination, I find them some cheap flight tickets & a luxurious bed, for a budget price.


We spend 48 hours together in a city we don’t know. 48 hours is just the right amount of time to get a taste of the local atmosphere. No time to waste on tourist traps, no wannabe hipster “off-the-beaten-track-tour”. Just in & out, drink & walk.

He already visited Sölden, Oslo, Ostend, Hannover, Eifel, Tel Aviv, Serbia, Bolzano, Valencia, Rome, Santa Monica, Warsaw, Dublin and Göteborg.

It probably helps that Sam is one of the best radio hosts in Belgium and very popular but Håndbagage already has 1.800 subscribers and 3.332  Instagram followers. Facebook and Twitter is linked to his personal accounts. Håndbagage won the ‘Best Travel & City Blog‘ so I ain’t the only one who likes his blog.

Sam De Bruyne

I already knew the blog for a while but it came under my attention again because of an interview I read in the newspaper with him this weekend. Sam is known for his enthousiasm and to be witty. He is the perfect example of Generation Everything.

Some years ago he suffered a burn-out and realized he forget to do things for fun with his friends. Always working made him blind for the nice things in life.

And that is why he made himself a promise. A promise you just read some seconds ago above in the paragraph.

So in that way you can consider a city as a medicine. A cure against everyday problems we deal with. A city as a powerbank to make you happy. To energise. To revitalise.

A city as a cure.

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