Since when Smart Cities became hot?*

*According to Google

Well, take a look at these graphics:

Printscreen google trends

This is a visualization made with Google Trends. You see how many times people searched for information about Smart Cities on Google since 2004. The blue line being ‘Smart City’ and the red line ‘Smart Cities’.

This is a relative trend, it doesn’t show the actual numbers but you can conclude that smart cities became popular searches on Google since 2014. In augustus 2015 the searches were the highest. Then they back downed a bit but still remained high with in January 2016 the second highest result.

If you want the real numbers than we must take a look at Google AdWords:

Printscreen google adwords

We can go back to July 2014. On average we see that people searched 110.000 times per month on Google to know more about smart cities. With January 2016 being the highest with more than 400.000 searches worldwide.

Maybe it is not 100% accurate, according to Google AdWords Augustus wasn’t the month with the most searches, but it points out that smart cities indeed became popular since 2014.

I know that there is more than Google to determine the popularity of smart cities but to be honest when I want to know something I just google it. And I believe I am not the only one with this attitude so it means something. People are getting more and more interested in Smart Cities.

And if you are thinking ‘WTF is a Smart City?‘, just click on the link and you’ll find out.

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