Pics I have picked #4 (Cities Under Tires)

This appeared in my Facebook feed this week:

Souliers Max is an illustrator who lives in Paris. I have never met the man but he is one of the persons who often knows to surprise me when I am scrolling down my social feed. And with this image he did it again.

Cities Under Tires is created by Roberto Jun Nai and according to the comments below the pictures I assume it is an ad for the company Continental. They claim that you must explore the city with a car that has their tires on. Vintage transformational (emotional) advertising if you aks me.

I disagree. I like the image, not the idea.

You should discover a city by bike, with the boat, while walking, via public transportation,… but certainly not by car.

Despite the nice package of the ad I disagree with the message. For me it symbolizes something else. Drive your car and destroy the city.

Drive and destroy.

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