City Fact #3 (Brussels)

Thanks to the Car Free Sunday the percentage of diesel declined on that day with 50% in the car free zone in Brussels.

I was planning a thorough blogpost about the European Week of Mobility but last week my daughter Lena was born so… change of plans!

The Mobility Week takes place in Brussels and all over Europe, in the same period. One week to teach everyone alternative ways of traffic: train, cycle, streetcar, buses, skates…

On Sunday 18 september they held a Car Free Sunday. On the website of Brussels you read:

On Sunday 18 September 2016, Brussels organizes its traditional Car Free Sunday. From 9:30 am till 7 pm, car traffic is not allowed in the Brussels Region, including the City of Brussels. The ban applies to all motorized vehicles (including LPG vehicles and electric vehicles with 2, 3 or 4 wheels).

Only urgent services, vehicles of public interest and persons with a pass can circulate in the zones where car traffic is forbidden.

The public transport by the STIB and De Lijn is free on that day. A pass can be delivered to persons who make the demand (till 12 September 2016). Attention, this demand of dispensation must be duly motivated.

And with significant results according to the newspaper today!

But with the side note that to have a structural impact you need more than one Car Free Day of course. The positive results show that it really matters to ban the car and encourages more sort like iniatives.

Cars are still one off the main causes of air pollution. The article in the newspaper says that there is currently an investigation of the European Commission to investigate the exceedances of the limit for nitrogen dioxide in Brussels. Lowering the amount of cars would solve this.

And appartenly they had the same issue in Düsseldorf in Germany. In combination with Dieselgate people are becoming more aware of the problem.

If you want to learn more about banning cars in the city just read my blogpost about Enrique Peñalosa, the Mayor of Happy. And if you believe in the future of cars in the city I suggest you read the blogpost about self-driving cars in the city.

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