About CiC

I love to learn about cities. About how they move, work, shape their people and deal with challenges.

So therefore I started with Cities in Capitals (CiC). A blog about cities. No matter how smart or dumb, beautiful or ugly, big or small they are. They are all so damn exciting and have so much to offer. And change every second.

A title of a blog is like a joke, when you have to explain it, it is not a good one. So, I hope CiC makes sense to you. But, humour is a personal thing so let me explain the title…

Cities deserve to be in the spotlight, that is why I started writing about cities. And when you want to highlight certain words or sentences you put them in italique, bold or… CAPITALS. So the word capitals not (only) relates to capitals (cities) but also to the highlight aspect.

Why cities?

Each of us has a touchpoint with a city. Cultural, social, architectural,… You name it, a city has it.

This is not a travel blog. Not at all.

Cities in Capitals is my personal memoboard of stuff about cities I read, want to read, heard about, thought about and more.

Maybe you disagree, maybe not. Do not hesitate to let me know in the comments below.


Like I said, I love to learn about cities.

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